Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Stage

A vignette project by Jack King-Spooner of Sluggish Morss fame....

Lurks here(arrow/ WASD, SPACE/ X)

To delve further into Spooner land hitch a ride here.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Where They Cremate the Roadkill Kickstarter

Here we are. This is the Kickstarter for our 3rd game Where They Cremate the Roadkill. In the rewards you have the option to be turned into one of the game’s creatures, procure one of our tarot art decks and put dialogue into the mouth of an NPC.

Back the project or read more here

Two years of daily work are culminating in this gambit and we’d be fortunate and grateful to have your support.

Here's a short summary of the game:

"Stirred from trickster myths and early folk tales Where They Cremate the Roadkill is an exploration based action RPG featuring a fool on an outing to make their fortune where fortune has no foot hold. With an arrest warrant for the Devil they step out into a world where even the land is in conspiracy against you. To succeed they'll have to play a careful game or they'll be the next card to enter their adversary's hand.

Where They Cremate the Roadkill contains an open fully animated world with real-time combat populated by over 300 unique creatures(all of which can be destroyed by the player). Learn subversive spells that allow the player to perform occult miracles, destroy enemies, warp reality and prank the public. Bring to life an army of animate objects, turn people into flies and pigs, summon exiled spirits for conversation and cast love spells on the hapless town folk."With your help we just might make it.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

News Fragments and Print Sale

-A limited bestiary titled ‘A Time Nomad’s Animalium’ is available in PDF form for download 'Here' as an accompaniment to Middens.

-I’m fairly far along in the creation of a new game that could arise as early as fall this year.

-We’re presently selling several limited large scale prints that are available for nineteen each. General size is 11x17. If any of those pictured would interest you contact specifying one of the below to place an order.

The Saddle

The Lynchpin

Train of the Dead

Oedipus and the Sphinx

Monday, April 1, 2013

Gingiva Released

Two squids in coitus appear like hands clasped lovingly at the palms. An amboeboid landscape threatens to engulf civlization and all its plastic bottles. Disembodied mouths live in the walls of municipal buildings like household pests.

Gingiva features five playable characters, over 100 fully animated creature portraits, multiple paths and varied endings.

Gingiva is a game for Windows